Adding an arbor, pergola, or trellis

Adding an arbor, pergola, or trellis to your landscape may be just the thing to spruce up a lackluster patio, porch, walkway, or yard area.  These vertical growth supports, while adding elegance and romance to your garden, will increase your gardening space, decrease difficulty reaching the plant for pruning and maintenance, and, when strategically placed, can create shade and privacy areas for outdoor activities. 


Make a functional path or sidewalk into an eye-catching gateway to your garden—our selection of strong and maintenance-free arbors  is sure to include a style and design for just about any garden size or look. Made of PVC vinyl, these arbors will stand up to the weather and the weight of your healthy climbing plants. 

Grand Colonial Arbor

The Grand Colonial arbor from Dura-Trel is a classic design featuring a rounded arch and square lattice grid on each side.  The beautiful trim and brilliant white PVC material lend to its formal and elegant appearance. The arbor is 8 feet high and 50 inches wide, making it an excellent choice for a front walk when paired with white fencing.  For added drama and excitement in the garden, we also offer the Grand Colonial with matching latticed wings that extend from the sides of the arbor, giving you more space and support for plantings and increased privacy. The winged Grand Colonial is an excellent piece for use in outdoor weddings as well as in the landscape.  Tendril climbers like passionflower and sweet pea will have no trouble scaling the lattice on this arbor due to the supports in both the lattice and the rounded arch—tendrils can easily reach and coil around horizontal bars. 

Camelot Arbor

The Camelot arbor, also from Dura-Trel, features latticed sides similar to the Grand Colonial arbor, and a pergola-style arch that would display weeping blooms like Indian clock vine beautifully.  The pointed tips of the lattice work will add a regal and medieval flair to your landscape. The arbor is 7 feet tall and 50 inches wide. To create an impactful entry way, we also offer a version of the Camelot arbor with matching white PVC planters on the outside of each side, allowing you to plant your climbers on paved areas, isolate and prevent potentially invasive climbers like honeysuckle from entering your beds, and to move your arbor without destroying your plants.  Because these planters are also made of PVC vinyl, they will be as durable, long-lasting, and worry-free as your arbor.

Courtyard Arbor

At 74 inches high and 60 inches wide, the Courtyard arbor is a spacious entrance into any property or garden.  It features a pergola-style arch, and latticed sides that aren’t simply a traditional square grid pattern. The long vertical rods of the lattice draw the eye upward and provide excellent support for climbers with a twining habit.  Plants like clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine, morning glory, and black-eyed Susan vine will twist their stems or leaves around vertical supports to climb upward to the top of this elegant arbor. To use the Courtyard arbor as a formal entrance to a fenced area, we offer a 58 inch by 36 inch arbor gate that will fit this arbor perfectly so that you can use it to complete your fence line.  The Courtyard arbor with benches will provide a cozy and romantic nook in your garden to admire your plantings and relax. 


Pergolas make a dramatic statement, and they can be used to create an entire room in the outdoors when covered with thick lush plant life.  Use a pergola to give shade to your patio, pool deck, hot tub, or outdoor dining area.

Lakewood Pergola

This simple pergola is made of high grade vinyl to resist staining, rusting, warping, and rotting, but its wood grain and color will still give you the appearance of wood if you are looking for a more rustic garden element.  At over 9 feet long and over 7.5 feet high, this pergola is great for covering an outdoor sitting area. Use the slats overhead to hang potted plants or lighting features, or take advantage of the sturdy supports to plant wisteria, a twining plant that will easily climb vertical posts, and whose thick woody vines are much too heavy for smaller arbors. 

Malibu Pergola

Sit back and admire your gardens from the shade in the Malibu pergola, a crisp white and classy garden element that includes a canvas shade for privacy and sun protection.  Over 12 feet long and 8 feet high, this pergola could be a great addition to a dining or swimming area to protect guests from irritation by the sun. Like the Lakewood, you may hang potted plants or lights from the slats overhead.  Create a maintenance-free sanctuary for you and your guests right in your own backyard.


Trellises are an essential part of growing vines, drawing attention away from unsightly yard features, or dressing up boring bare fences and walls.  With the variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available, a trellis can be placed just about anywhere in your landscape. Pair a trellis with a planter to add greenery to your porch, deck, or patio.

Estate Trellis

The Estate trellis is an improvement on classic wooden V-shaped or fan trellises—weather and plant weight over time can cause trellises like these to break, but this PVC vinyl will not rot, rust, or break very easily.  This trellis is 94 inches high by 58 inches high, giving you plenty of room to plant vigorous tendril or twining growers. A wall mounting kit is included to allow you to fan out your climbing beauties over old fence or against the home or an outbuilding. 

Oxford Trellis

Take advantage of all of your garden space—even the smallest corner.  The Oxford trellis and planter features an angled design that will allow you to slip it into a corner in a fence line, on a patio, or on a porch.  Made of 100% high grade vinyl, the beautiful lattice grid and planter will support your plants and will never have to be repainted or repaired because of plant growth or weather exposure.  This trellis works particularly well on front porches or in areas that are paved and won’t allow for the addition of climbing plants. It is 21 inches wide and 80 inches tall.

 Sunburst Trellis

We offer the Sunburst trellis in both white PVC and green and white PVC, and with and without an attached planter.  With a planter, this trellis is 28 inches wide by 78 inches tall, perfect for a porch or along a walkway, and without a planter, it 28 inches by 62 inches high.  For a classic, traditional look, the white lattice will match fences, siding, and furniture beautifully, and the green vinyl will contrast nicely with the green foliage of your climbing plants.  


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